Real Food Essentials eCourse


 Are you a busy, modern mum who wants to:

  • Save time with an organised, well stocked kitchen?
  • Be inspired to make meal times easier and even enjoyable?
  • Keep the food shop within a budget that doesn’t make you pass out at the checkout?
  • Make healthier versions of your family’s favourite meals and snacks?
  • Say goodbye to guilt, anxiety and stress in the kitchen.
  • Create more time and more space to do the things you (and your family) love?

Yes?  Then this course is for YOU x

Read on for all the course details…

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What is Real Food Essentials?

The Real Food Essentials eCourse is a series of 12 jam-packed emails delivered directly to you over four weeks.

I don’t know about you but I could only cope with 12 very specific and totally worthwhile emails. Otherwise I just wouldn’t read them. Sometimes less is so much more. Quality not quantity – goes for your inbox as well as your pantry!

Quick confession: I love beautiful things. I probably have way to many cushions and don’t get me started on candles! So, in the same aesthetic spirit, don’t expect these emails to be boring, drab or uninspiring. I design and photograph my way through this e-series because I absolutely love doing it! Just ask Renee…

“The Real Food Essentials eCourse has reignited the passion I had been wanting to use, to fill my kitchen with the love of nourishing whole foods for my family.  Receiving each email was like opening a lovingly written cookbook” Renee, Multi-tasking, juggling, mum of two.

Light Bulb Moments – What you get in each email.

1 Keep it Simple: Save time and money with a well-stocked kitchen. My print-friendly Kitchen Essentials List will support you from Day One.
2 The Set-up:  The low down on how to save time and money in your whole food kitchen. Empower yourself with knowledge and oh-so-clever-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that systems – such as the best ways to shop, batch cook, sneak those veggies in, and so much more.
3 Get cooking: We’re talking Real Food Kitchen Recipes: Easy-peasy recipes for making your own almond milk, salad dressing, pesto and more. It’s okay to feel a little bit smug right now.
4 Batch Cooking Recipes:  Put that pesto down. This is where your cooking gets serious in its time/cost/effort impact. I share my favourite batch cooking and freezer storage meals with you. This (healthy) make more approach to family meals may very well change your life. Just sayin’.
5 Plan for Success: A meal plan system saves time, money and your sanity. It also gets the whole family involved. I have the template, and together, we can do this.
6 Master Recipes: This is basically my personal ‘cheat sheet’ of go-to master recipes, with lots of different ways to serve them. I say, slice ‘n dice that same recipe as many times as possible…your family will be none the wiser.
7 Up-Nourish: How to make your family meals healthier and tastier – and let’s tackle fussy eaters while we’re at it.
8 Fast family favourites: These fast meals make our family tick along happily. I share my up-nourished versions of pizza, pancakes and sausage rolls. (That would be roast vegetable spelt pizza, banana pancakes, and pork and fennel sausage rolls; but let’s keep that between ourselves for now.)
9 Real Food Meal + Snack Inspiration: This is where a lot of busy parents come unstuck. Who has time to organise snacks that don’t come from the supermarket, or a convenient packet? Let alone, make that perfect balanced evening meal? I share a hunger-busting list of quick, easy, and healthy shortcuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
10 The Real Food Made Easy Checklist: Information overload starting at this point? In a good way? Keep on track with my printable handy checklist that covers all things healthy eating. Phew.
11 Resources:  Let’s go beyond me and dive into my go-to inspirational websites, books, podcasts, and my Real Food Essentials 47-page ebook which basically sums up the entire course for you to reflect on.
12 Our Family’s Experience: Before I pass the real food baton over to you, I want to share some of our lessons learned as we journeyed towards better health through a whole food diet. Clue: The journey doesn’t have to be perfect and linear, it can have squiggly bits or even go backwards once in a while. The important thing is that you are ON the journey, and not at the start anymore. Congratulations.

P.S. A little gift or two…

At the start of the course: you will meet a supportive Facebook group of mums who are going through similar ages, stages, and real food changes as you. Hooray for that.

At the end of the course: yep, you will receive all of the course information in my tidy 47-page Real Food Essentials eBook (including all of those recipes).

To end on a deep note (if you don’t mind…)

As I have mentioned, this eCourse is about SO much more than food. While food is meant to be delicious, and eating should be a celebration; our busy, hectic lives just don’t support this.

We’ve lost our inspiration and desire to spend time in the kitchen. Our right to enjoy real food has been swept up in deadlines, bills and never ending to-do lists.

Then there’s the information overload. We are bombarded with information about health and nutrition, various diets and different ideas on how we should eat.  We have lost confidence in listening to our own bodies, and in choosing foods that make us feel nourished, well, and full of energy. I know so many mums who feel guilty, stressed or even fearful about the whole real food thing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

And this is the reason I get out of bed every morning (apart from my three hungry kids demanding their breakfast). It’s because I want to give this real food joy back to you and your family, like you deserve. This is relationship enhancing stuff at mealtimes, never mind the health benefits.

You deserve to be supported on this journey, which will take you back to what we were all meant to do – enjoy healthy, tasty food that nourishes everyone inside and out, including you.

This starts with you, and it goes on to benefit everyone around you. I reckon that’s a pretty good return on your mental, physical and emotional investment over the next four weeks.

Let’s get started together.

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